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This page is for demo and testing.  It will not appear on the actual live webpage visible to public and should not be considered as part of any of the sample designs.

When reviewing the sample signs, please consider general layout only.  Images, color, and content are currently only just for demonstration, and should not be factored in when voting on layout style.   For the sake of brevity, not all the content we know we want (by-laws, history, minutes, etc.) are represented in the sample layouts.  Those will all be added once a general layout and look are decided upon.  

DO consider whether you prefer an overall dark theme (dark background with light text) or light theme (light background with dark text).   The dark/light issue is independent of the actual colors used, so again don't vote on the specific colors used in the sample layouts. For brevity's sake, I have only offered light/dark versions on the home pages. 

Note:  I have only worked up samples for desktop views only. Mobile views are functional but may have layout errors or other wonky issues.   Once we decide on a general style and look, I'll take the time to fine-tune the respective mobile version.

To view possible layouts, click the various  "Layout" links above.   If you wish, you can enter feedback comments on a specific page, but again, we're just looking at general layout options at this point.   If you do feel strongly about a particular color, you could comment on that via the Feedback feature.    

You may encounter links that don't do anything when clicked - again, that's because these are demonstration pages and aren't fully functional. 

When done viewing, please return to this page and vote on a layout style and light vs. dark theme.

If you'd like to offer feedback via email, try out our new professional email:

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