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KAEA Awards

KAEA wishes to acknowledge the efforts of individuals within the field of adult education in Kansas including students, educators, volunteers and other individuals whose efforts deserve public recognition.  As such, each year  KAEA selects nominations in several difference categories of recognition.  The selected nominees are then presented with a plaque acknowledging their contributions and achievements at the annual conference during an awards ceremony.

Know somebody who really deserves some public recognition for the hard work they've done?  Nominate them to receive an award at the 2024 KAEA Conference.  Categories are open for students, educators, volunteers and other notable individuals who've contributed to adult education in Kansas.

KAEA also annually awards one $500 grantr for individuals or institutions undertaking special projects related to adult education.

If you are interested in nominating somebody for a job well done, or applying for the special projects grant,  click the links below.  You can hover over the links for a brief description of the award.

Nominations are now closed for nominations and applications.

  Thank you to everyone who submitted.  Winners will be announced at the annual conference meeting!

KAEA Distinguished Service Award

 Individual, in an area other than teaching, who has  demonstrated outstanding service promoting, developing, or implementing adult education  in the state of Kansas.

KAEA Volunteer Service Award

An individual who has given outstanding volunteer service to the field of adult education in Kansas.

KAEA Master Adult Educator Award

An individual who exemplifies professional adult education instruction in the state of Kansas

KAEA TYRO Adult Educator Award

An individual who has recently become involved in teaching and  has made an outstanding contribution to Kansas adult education during the five years preceding the annual KAEA conference.

KAEA Outstanding Adult Learner of the Year Award

A student who represents the diversity of adult learners in our state and  exemplifies adult  education students throughout Kansas. 

KAEA Past Presidents' Special Project Grant

Apply today for a $500 grant to showcase your creative ideas, solve a problem, and/or advance your Adult Education program.

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