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About us

KAEA Roots

The Kansas Adult Education Association (KAEA) has been in in existence since the mid-1940's. It is recorded in the history of the Missouri Valley Adult Education Association (MVAEA) that Kansas sent representatives to the conference in 1948, at which time the first president of MVAEA was elected: Purdue Graves of Kansas.




KAEA Historical Perspective


​In 1990, Barbara Bush's presence in the White House helped draw attention on a national scale to the need for major literacy efforts, especially in the family. ABE centers began to respond by emphasizing the family unit mare than they had previously. Critical Issues Forums were held at the 1991 fall conference and the 1992 spring conference.


At that time the membership of KAEA brainstormed and prioritized issues facing KAEA. Those identified fell into five categories: legislation, fiscal, curriculum/assessment, public relations, and professionalism. Committees were appointed to research these areas.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
- Maya Angelou
Current KAEA Board Members

KAEA's endeavors of training Adult Educators has helped instructors enhance their knowledge to give students the basic skills they need to successfully carry out their roles as learners, parents, productive citizens, and economically self-sufficient workers in the 21st Century.


Through the Accelerating Opportunities for Kansas initiative that started in 2011, students will continue to have the opportunity to acquire stronger reading, writing, and math skills, as well as enrollment opportunities in career pathways  that lead to viable post-secondary education.


KAEA Future
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